Cast Drawing in Progress

Here is another exercise I have been doing to try and improve my rendering skills.

Cast Drawing

This is a great exercise to study both shape and values, as you have an immobile object that is a solid color (usually white) which allows one to see form clearly without the added details of color or the unpredictability of things that are alive. Plus since its a cast of a sculpture, the form has already been simplified by the previous artist.

Here is my first cast drawing in progress:

1- Blocking in the shapes of the contour and shadow pattern

2- Filling in the shadow with a base value

3- Starting to work in the lights and push the shadows further

4- More work in the lights, attempting to make the form turn a bit, not quite succeeding :)

I have alot more work to do on this drawing, as you can see I am avoiding the complicated hair section :)  I also havent added the shadow on the background on the right, as I didnt want to smear it about with my hand as I worked on the other bits. Here's hoping I have the motivation to pull it to a decent level of completion!


Here's another little cast drawing I did for fun, in one sitting of a couple hours. It was a paper mache lifecast of a fellow students face.

Blocking it in!

Adding a shadow value!

Defining a bit and adding white highlights. Pretending she might have had hair :)