SITYE Multicultural Arts Exhibition May 14th

 Seeing It Through Your Eyes project Exhibition

Cedar Hill Art Centre at 3220 Cedar Hill Rd

Opening on Monday May 14th from 6-9pm
continuing daily from 9-4pm until May 26th 

Join us to celebrate multiculturalism with 50 works of art by 10 diverse artists!

I am excited to be nearing completion of the multicultural arts project I have been involved with during the last few months. The five clay portrait busts I sculpted of individuals from each culture are going to be fired this week, and I will be adding a patina/finish as the final step! Here are some photos of the pieces I will have on display in their current state:

Petra- Filipino community

Sydney- Ukrainian community

Domenic- Italian community

Niki- Metis community

Self portrait- Portuguese community