Moss St Paint In

This past weekend was the annual Victoria arts event: The Moss St Paint In.

This year as part of the 150 anniversary celebration of the city of Victoria, and the 25th annual anniversary of the Paint In, they kicked off the festivities with a week of Paint In The Square- a week of mini paint-in events downtown in Centennial Square leading up to the main event on Moss St with 160 artists and 35,000 visitors.

Here is a shot of the set up in Centennial Square early in the day on Thursday:

I was demonstrating portrait sculpting from a model, and people seemed to think that was pretty cool.

Sometimes I'm so involved with my work that I forget how cool it really is- transforming a lump of clay into a human form... pretty sure god did something like this in the creation theory, so I'm keeping good company. (just havent got that whole "breath of life" thing figured out ... yet. I'll keep you posted ;)

photo by Noah Layne
The main event on Saturday had the usual hoards of people coming out to see what Victoria artists are up to when they hole themselves in their studios. Check out all the action on Moss St!

photo by Camerabug
I even got a 3D photograph of me in action! If you have those nifty 3D glasses with the red and blue lens, this is gonna look pretty cool:

photo by Greg Windwick

Also I had 5 seconds of annoyomous fame on CHEK TV's coverage, click here to see the video! (There's a 10 sec ad before the video. Its ok, be patient!)

All in all it was a fun 3 days outdoors talking to people about sculpture! Thanks to everyone who came out and especially the people who stopped to talk to me ;)  Big thanks also to Art Gallery of Greater Victoria and TD Bank, and all the volunteers and artists who made it possible. Looking forward to next year :)