Reflections on Teaching

Action pose!

A word about my teaching "philosophy"

I approach teaching with the mindset of a perpetual student. It brings me great joy to share knowledge that I have learnt- distilling the information that I have found most helpful in my learning process, and passing it on to you. My courses are continually being refined as I grow in my own work.

The instruction spans various learning styles- verbal discussion, visual handouts, tactile exercises, physical demonstrations, props, individual critiques, etc.

The ideal group working environment for me is one that is friendly, relaxed, fun and focussed. During the class I come around 2-3 times and give you individual feedback on your work. I am also sculpting a study alongside you. At times you may feel frustrated with your work, and thats ok! Its part of the process. I am always available to give you some encouragement or perspective on your project. :)

Sculpting is a wonderful way to slip into a creative mindset and let go of the mundane cares of life for a few hours! Whether you are an experienced artist or a complete beginner- I invite you to come play with clay in the studio and experience the joy of sculpting :)

Talking about the angle of the eye in the socket!