Wed night Sculpting Sessions

First month of the new class has been dynamic- there are a range of experience and projects happening, and as a student you get to soak up some tips about more than just your project this way.

Projects from January have included maquettes for larger future work, life cast of a their hand as a reference as well as some exercises I made to improve representational understanding and skills.
Check them out below :)

Larger than Life Feature- EYE

Using the skull as reference, we made a large eye socket, sculpted the ball of the eye, and then added the final flesh. (maybe about a foot wide)

Here is my example I sculpted along with them:

Here are some students, working away!

Planes of the Head

A great project to increase your understanding of the structure of the head- useful for sculpting and drawing. Starting with the most basic geometric simplification, and breaking that down to add features.

 Here is my example of the first step:

 The features added, with some of the reference handouts up:

Students during class: