Emotive Portrait Sculpting Workshop

This past weekend was the Emotive- portrait sculpting workshop- It was a pleasure to facilitate the creation of eight portrait studies!

We started out by viewing some examples of past and present sculptors work and looked at how the gesture of the pose could be broken down into simple angles and geometric forms:

Big angles!

Blocks sitting on top of each other

We did some gestural drawings of each other and the model, thinking about how different moods displayed different angles. Using this approach of blocks and angles, we built up our armature- we used a simple angled post and newspaper.

20 sec gesture

Then the application of clay! We worked from the model for the rest of the session- every hour or so adding a new anatomical feature to think about- perhaps the important muscles of the neck, or the way the cheekbones divide the planes of the head into front and side.

Everyone did a wonderful job! Here is a shot of the group on the second day:

The group working from the model
Can't wait to do it again! 
Here is a quick pic of my demo piece in progress: