Sculpting On Paper- Drawing Basics

 This Sunday was Sculpting on Paper- Drawing Basics: a one day workshop on drawing observation skills as they apply to sculpture. I had a great time with everyone working on our technical drawing skills! :)

We started off the day with a plate from the Charles Bargue Drawing book- plate 59 is a great breakdown of how to see large angles and proportions, and slowly refine them into a more complete rendering.

This is the complete plate- we did the first two stages :)

This is my quick demo of the first stage- we applied some sight size principles.

Some visual explanations of how to breakdown what you are seeing- starting with the large gesture and working to a more defined contour. The handout on the right is talking about using plumbs, abstract shapes, and giving shapes a reference.

The top is a demo of working from a 3d reference- in this case a life cast of a face. You apply the same basic structure as the Bargue drawing to observing 3d form.

This is one of the face casts we were drawing from!