Drawing For Sculpture progress

I am absolutely loving teaching the Drawing For Sculpture course! It has been a lovely group and we have covered alot in a short time.

First we began with copying the Bargue drawing exercise to learn about some of the concepts of "seeing".

Step one of copying the Bargue
This Bargue plate has a great breakdown of the 'seeing process'

Then we moved on to drawing from life - using a lifecast portrait as the reference. Here we practiced applying those concepts we learnt in Bargue, only this time we had to make our own translation from 3D to 2D.

We drew from 3 of the main views we utilize in sculpting- the front, side and below viewpoints. The focus was on the contour line, not toning/shading, because that is what reveals the most relevant information for sculpting.

Day 3 - Front & below view, focus on contour line

Then we put all this information together and began to "draw" in space with clay using the same approach. Here we combine the different sets of information from the different viewpoints to place the shapes accurately in space (no easy task!)

First we establish the profile/ depths 
Beginning to fill out the widths

There is one more class to go where we will work more on describing the forms, and incorporate all the information from the below view!

Drawing is the foundational skill to any representational art, and the correlations between it and sculpting are many. It is an excellent way to practice new ways of seeing and hone your skills.