Lev 1- Foundations of Form

I have been teaching sculpture for a few years now, and this fall I have redesigned my weekly classes into a Program that draws from the working methods of modern ateliers and is informed by my experience with past students.

The first course in this levelled program is called Foundations of Form.

It is structured to help de-mystify the art of making a person from a lump of clay. This is not something someone just pops out the womb knowing - there is a very documented and logical process that must be learnt over time.

In this course, we first start with understanding how to create some basic shapes in clay, as every complex form can be broken down into more simple forms.

We then learn some foundational techniques of seeing through a drawing exercise. I use an adaptation of the Bargue Drawing exercise. It is a great way to practice really seeing shapes, that you can easily use on your own.

Then we move to our first project in clay: copying a large plaster cast of an ear. Using plaster casts as study aids is a time-honored tradition- it gives a reference while being inanimate and allows the student to concentrate on learning the techniques. Later they can apply these skills to working from a live model and also making their own artistic decisions with confidence.

We will first discover it in 2d and then move to creating it in 3d with water based clay. This is the perfect project to learn about tools and build upon the techniques we learnt with the drawing exercises.

We will also spend one day with a live model learning about gesture and composition.  The human figure is endlessly inspiring, and while it is a very complex sculpting project, it is important to get a sense of the process early on! :)

We finish off the course with a fun (and immediately gratifying) class of lifecasting. This is a taster of the process of molding and casting, and results in an incredibly realist plaster cast of your hand.

It is a full 10 weeks, and I am confident you will leave with some concrete skills, and several projects to show for your hard work. I am really looking forward to this new format, as it really helps students discover what they are capable of. Can't wait to see what is created in the studio!

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