Planes of the Head- Sculpting to Understand the Structure

Learning about the main planes of the head can really help one understand the structure and improve their portraiture (whether in drawing, painting or sculpting).

In one week I will be doing a 2 day workshop at Coast Collective sculpting a Planes of the Head.

Here is the reference we will be using:

Participants will have a plaster cast of this model to work from and study how the main planes of the head can be simplified.

We will discuss how this structure actually comes from the skull underneath, giving the head all its set planes, with the soft muscles on top creating a moveable surface form.

Handouts, discussion and demonstrations will guide us through the process of creating a planes of the head study in clay, step by step. We will cover face proportions as well as the main planes of the features.

Invaluable tactile understanding for 2d artists, and anyone with an interest in portraiture. We will also learn about the basics of working with clay, tools and armatures.

Looking forward to this workshop! The setting at Coast Collective is a peaceful nature retreat near the water, in a gorgeous character building with art gallery.

Coast Collective website and registration info here. 

Here are some students with their sculptures from previous classes: