Paris - life of a sculptor I

Day three in Paris.

I am in love with the city right now. It fills me with life.

The sculptures on each turn, the croissants flaky beckoning, the cosy cafes on every corner, the impossibly chic parisian women, the incredible sculptures, the world class museums, the 4 flights of stairs to our apartment each irregularly sized, the wide open squares, the architectural bones of living history, the bizarre trees trimmed into squares... did I mention the unbelievable amount of sculptures?

Today was: the Louvre sketching Roman & Greek portraits, a stroll in Tuileries Gardens in the golden glow of late afternoon sun, and sculpting in my kitchen with wine and cheese.

Pyramid Entrance of the Louvre

In the Louvre

Maillol in the Tuileries Gardens 

Beautiful light on the sculptures in Tuileries

Travel sculpting in our apartment!