Sculpture Workshops 2018 - 2019

Learn traditional techniques of figure sculpting with clay. All levels welcome. 
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2018 Workshops: November in Victoria BC



November 12- 16, 2018
Monday to Friday, 10am - 4pm
Studio 553, Chinatown Victoria

In this intensive workshop we will sculpt a partial standing figure at half life scale from the inspiration of a live model. The focus will be on form, flow, basic anatomy and gesture. 

You Will Learn:

  • skeletal landmarks
  • basic building blocks to create the body
  • techniques to find the gesture of the pose
  • system of measurements to scale your sculpture
  • how to work with water based clay
  • tool handling suggestions

Water-based clay and use of armature included in materials fee. Sculptures will be able to be hollowed and fired.

5 day workshop/ $595 + materials fee $25



November 12 - 16
Monday to  Friday / 6:30 - 9pm
Studio 553, Chinatown Victoria

Forget about all your daily concerns and dive into the gesture of the body in this 5 day intensive evening workshop! We will work with a different type of pose each session, starting with the most basic and building up to the more complex. This will build on our skills of observation for any type of position the body presents us with.

Beginning students focus only on body position and basic proportion to create a figure with weight and stance. Intermediate students can also add in body type. form and proportions to increase their visual observation.

We will study:

  • gesture of the body in standing pose
  • basic contrapposto position in standing pose
  • basic contrapposto with twist in standing pose
  • seated pose with twist
  • reclining pose with extension and twist 

The standing pose exercises will be done on armatures (not possible to preserve and fire) and the seated and reclining pieces have the option of being done without an armature so that you can keep the clay study after the course. 

5 evening workshop / $295 + $25 materials fee



November 10 & 11
Saturday and Sunday / 10am - 4pm   
Studio 553 Chinatown Victoria

Discover the expressive possibilities of the human face.

Beginning from a strong base of anatomy, proportion and accurate observation, we will experiment with subtle emphasis of the forms, adding texture, and the element of creative narrative to bring your own meaning to the sculpture.

We will be working in high relief on a vertical surface to create a mask portrait. Last portion of the class will be spent hollowing out the piece to prepare it for firing. Great wall display piece.

2 day workshop / $295 + $25 materials fee

2019 Sculpture Workshops - International



10 Day Sculpture Retreat May 13- 24, 2019.

Full Details Coming Soon!



12 Day Workshop in Pietrasanta, Italy June 2019.

2019 will be Figure Sculpting!

4 professional sculptors team teach this course.

Visit the website for details.


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