Discover the stages of production required in order to create sculptures in Kiln Cast Glass (also known as pâte du verre).


Stage 1: Sculpted in Clay

The sculpture begins with an original work created in clay.


Stage 2: Molding Process

To preserve the form of the clay piece, a 2 piece silicone rubber mold is made to reproduce the exact form down to fingerprint detail.


Stage 3: Wax Casting

A wax cast is created by brushing hot molten wax into the silicone mold. This creates a perfect copy of the original clay sculpture in wax.


Stage 4: 2nd Molding Process

A second mold is created, this time around the wax sculpture using a heat resistant plaster-based material. The wax is then melted out, leaving a perfect negative impression of the original clay sculpture.


Stage 5: Glass Selection

The exact amount of glass required to fill the mold is measured precisely. The colors and size of the glass pieces are selected for the desired color effects.


Stage 6: Kiln and Cooling

The glass-filled mold is placed into a ceramic kiln. The glass is brought to melting temperature and then very slowly cooled over a matter of days or weeks.


Stage 7: Demolding & Finishing

The plaster mold is chipped away, revealing the solid cast glass sculpture. The work is then sand-blasted and polished.


Final Work

The finished glass sculpture is solid kiln cast glass, allowing for transparency of light.