Each figure in the Impressions series is sculpted from a single studio session, during the first meeting of artist and subject. Often the individual coming to pose for the project has never before posed for an artist. The figures are grouped into various ‘Compositions’.




Discover the stages of production required in order to create the Impressions series.


Stage 1: Sculpted from Direct Observation

This series focuses on the singular impression that an individual creates upon those around them.

This abstract sensation was captured by shaping their body in clay from direct observation over several intense hours together in the studio.


Stage 2: Molding Process

To preserve the form of the clay piece, a 2 piece silicone rubber mold is made to reproduce the exact form down to fingerprint detail.


Stage 3: Casting

An initial cast is produced in plaster as an exact master copy, and the original clay is recycled. This process transforms the clay piece into a permanent material.


Stage 4: Lost Wax Bronze Casting

The rubber mold is taken to a bronze casting foundry, where it is used to create another exact replica, this time in wax. This wax sculpture is coated in a heat resistant shell and the wax is melted out, leaving a perfect negative of the sculpture. Hot molten bronze is poured into this negative form, resulting in a perfect bronze version of the original clay work.

This stage can take 3 months to complete.


Stage 5: Patination

For the final touch, special chemicals are applied with the heat of a blowtorch to change the surface color of the bronze through a chemical reaction. This results in the patina of the finished work, which is sealed with wax.


Stage 6: Assembly

The figures are arranged to create the original composition and secured to a separate bronze base. Careful consideration is given to their orientation and spacing to result in an intriguing grouping.

The sculpture is now complete after months of progress.